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The mission of Danish Printing Company is to become an image management company and respond to our customers' evolving needs by providing high quality and unique products which will allow its customers to realize a powerful, consistent image. To provide its clients with the highest quality product, at the best price, and as expeditiously as possible, in order to achieve this mission, DPP must operate from a solid foundation of corporate believes. Its employees must share in a corporate philosophy that emphasizes respect individuals, quality service, cast efficiency.

Benefits to clients

• Increase sales
• Increase efficiencies
• Save money & resources
• Save time
• Maximize resources
• Reduce errors
• Reduce downtime
• Improve Customer Service, reduce churn, increase loyalty.

We provide awesomness!

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When You Need Help, You Can find it Here
Got a question about printing or need some help preparing your files for print?
You might not know much about printing, but we do, and we're only too happy to share that knowledge, experience, and advice with you. After all, we want to make sure you look good on paper.
Danish Printing Press (DPP) is a distinctive and most trusted name in the printing industry in Afghanistan. With long years of experience, we have created a unique space in the field with our customer focus, fresh thinking and environmentally conscientious working style. We provide complete design and print management solutions at an affordable price and since we design, print, finish, mail, store and distribute all under our strict control, we could assure you the best quality printing service. Our creative ideas blended with modern technologies and hard-working employees, have helped us grow more heights in a short span of time with a big circle of loyal customers around.
Came into being in 1990 with the aim to fulfill the market’s need for high quality printing solutions, Danish Printing Press (DPP) has grown much heights in a short span of time with the customer focus and quality based strategy of the company. The treasure of great expertise added with perfect qualifications in the printing field, has been the key factor that helped Mr. Danish, Managing Director, to establish the brand name of Danish Printing Press (DPP) as the best printing facility in Afghanistan. Our creative and dynamic human resources together with most modern equipment play a vital role in placing us on top in the printing industry.
Today, Danish Printing Press (DPP) excels in the printing field with latest in house, press and post-press facilities together with well qualified, experienced and dedicated human resources. Our commitment to perfection and to fulfill the increasing needs of our ever growing customer base has made us the favorite choice of major advertising agencies and corporate houses in Kabul. We are truly a one-stop-shop for your entire medium to long range printing needs. We, at Danish printing press, sincerely believe –”par excellence” in our service. .