Objectives & Values

Danish Printing Press (DPP), is firmly rooted in the principles of faithfulness and accuracy. Our ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our customers and to reach this end, we have built up creative and dynamic human resources and have kept abreast of the latest available techniques in the printing technology. We believe in the saying “there is no short cut to success”.
The aims of our Company are:
• To maintain state-of-the-art services to our customers in terms of the latest technology and always 'Quality.'
• Continued and progressive business expansion endeavoring always to build long term relationship with our customers based upon mutual trust and respect.
• To encourage innovation and initiative in working practice, where-by all in Danish understand their individual and corporate responsibilities for Quality, comply with requirements and contribute to the continuing improvement of the Quality Management System operated
• The ongoing success of both our customers and our company in terms of Market Esteem and Prestige.

We believe in honoring our commitments and doing business with the highest ethical standards.
We strive for continuous quality improvement in all our services through promoting and implementing innovative ideas and solutions.
We believe in providing an exceptional customer service experience through representatives who understand what clients want, and work hard to deliver it to them flawlessly.
We have passion for what we do and promote a positive, energetic and optimistic environment.
We are dedicated to investing in technology and employee training to keep us at the forefront of best practices in the printing and packaging industry.

Since 1990, we at Danish Printing Press have been unwavering in our dedication to serving our customers.

We believe in treating our clients, employees, and community with the utmost respect.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards so that our clients can always rely on us.

Our clients put their trust in us because they know much we value their confidence. We take exceptional measures to protect the confidentiality of our clients and the security of their information and data.

We will always work to provide our clients with the most advanced and exceptional solutions on the market.

The solid reputation DPP commands in the market is thanks to the highly professional team members who are dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction, reliability and value.
Commitment to regular training and to sourcing the very best talent has been central to the continued success.
Seamless integration across all business disciplines and departments, along with a culture of encouraging individual initiative and independent thinking help to achieve exceptional results